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Road Map from concept to  execution and delivery.

Strategy and Planning

 1. Define Goals

 2. Concepts

 3. Conduct Research

 4. Develop Vision

 5. Style and Tone

 6. Analyze Competition

 7. Define Target Audience

 8. Determine Consumption

 9. Media Outlets

10.Target Budget


The first step in any creative or social-impact campaign, the creative brief defines the parameters of the project. Conducted as a collaborative effort with the client, the many aspects of style, tone, and delivery are defined. Pain points, competition, and typical consumption are analyzed. Then a creative brief is created, which provides a blueprint for the production and the delivery part of the project.

Pre-Production & Production

1. Location Scouting

2. Studio Procurement

3. Equipment and Gear Planning

4. Scheduling

5. Talent - Call for Entries

6. Crew

7. Post Production and Final Edits

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Creating the Goods

Production - including pre- and post- is the creation of all of the "deliverables" listed in the creative brief and work contract. Pre-production is the second part of the planning phase. Locations, studios, and talent are contracted and confirmed with the client. Crew, gear, and equipment is reserved and a firm schedule is developed and put in place. Production is the execution of the deliverables. It includes writing, filming, photography, and scheduled reviews of rough-cuts with clients. Final creatives are completed in the magic of post production. A scheduled approval process with the client is part of the process.

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Delivery into the

hearts and minds of

your target audience.

Strategic Deliverables

1. Creatives to Print Media

2. Creatives to Broadcast Media

3. Creatives to Outdoor Media

4. Social Media Distribution

5. Thumbnail A/B Testing

6. Video Analytics

7. Social Media Metrics


End-Game !       Campaign goes public.